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Уроки тенниса по доступной цене

Добавлено: 27.10.2010
Адрес проведения занятий: ЮАО, ЦАО, ЮЗАО
Вид занятий: Любой
Уровень обучения: Любой
Тип обучения: Очное
Место проведения занятий: У тренера или у ученика
Стоимость: договорная
Контактная информация: Контактные телефоны: 916 177 02 41
Город проведения очных занятий: Москва
Hello ladies and gents,
For most of you and your kids who love or at least like tennis this information will be useful.
If you are looking to improve your game, learn this great sport from scratch or just have fun playing tennis for affordable rates, I am glad to help you.  I have been coaching for about 10 years and play tennis for over 20 years total. I am teaching modern tennis techniques, tactics and fitness to both adults and children in English or Russian and capable of building your game to the level you want to play at. I hold classes throughout Moscow.
Unlike many coaches who have a blanket approach towards coaching, I take the time to identify the best corrective techniques suited for you.
I am open-minded and easy going person with a good education and 17 years of positive cross-cultural communication experience with people from all over the world. I like to use humor at work as well as in normal personal life. This helps a lot in creating right informal and positive atmosphere and helps reaching much better work results.    
I look forward to hearing from you.
Mobile tel. 916 177 02 41  Andrey

Тренер: Цветков Андрей
Уроки тенниса по доступным ценам. Опытный тренер предлагает уроки современного тенниса для детей и взрослых: техника, тактика, физическая подготовка, спарринг. Высокое качество преподавания на русском или английском языке.

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